Diversity is at the core of what we do. As an international, multicultural company, we understand how important it is
for people of every background to feel supported and validated.

The perfect fit for your brand.

Get access to the very best talent. We'll comb the seven seas to find the best hires who embodies your
business tone as if they've been there from the start.

Mia S.

6 years of experience
  • Skilled at Customer Engagement, E-commerce Strategy, Data Analysis
  • Software proficiency Kustomer, Gorgias, Shopify, Magento, Ring Central, Five9,
    G Suite, Hubspot
  • Industry exposure Fashion Retail, Health Supplements

Jordan P.

4 years of experience
  • Skilled at Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Brand Development
  • Software proficiency ZenDesk, Gladly, BigCommerce, Shopify, AirCall, Five9, Slack, SalesForce
  • Industry exposure Beauty & Cosmetics, Lifestyle Products

Alex T.

8 years of experience
  • Skilled at Operations Management, Supply Chain Coordination, Customer Service Excellence
  • Software proficiency Freshdesk, intercom, Shopify, Magento, Ring Central, AirCall, Outlook, Hubspot
  • Industry exposure Home Goods, Consumer Electronics

Oscar L.

6 years of experience
  • Skilled at Supply Chain Management, Inventory Optimization, Cross-channel Marketing
  • Software proficiency Gorgias, Helpscout, BigCommerce, Shopify, Five9, AirCall,
    Amazon, G Suite
  • Industry exposure Electronics, Smart Home Devices

Nina K.

6 years of experience
  • Skilled at Digital Advertising, Market Research, Sales Conversion Optimization
  • Software proficiency ZenDesk, Intercom, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Five9, Ring Central,
    Slack, G Suite
  • Industry exposure Sports Equipment, Nutritional Supplements

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Our community-lead efforts are part of our culture

“You are truly loved in this community and a great role model. You lead by example, not verbally but with action. Thank you for everything that you do.”

—Shaw Community Center