In the summer of 2019 Aventus rolled out a case study on remote agents versus a call center which has agents sitting in close physical proximity. Aventus’ CEO, Josh Royal, pushed for this initiative to allow Aventus to be fully prepared to adapt during a disaster like a hurricane or, fittingly now, the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing where and how we work—right now, and possibly for months to come. This turn around for remote staff is going to push BPOs into a new way of thinking about their ability to deploy a remote workforce and maintain business continuity. Aventus’ diversification has granted a number of positive impacts and is paving the way for other BPOs.

During the case study it was found that the full remote work staff had a decrease in ABSENTEEISM and ATTRITION RATES. This served our clients goals to:

Keep Employees Safe
Agents working remote will reduce the risk of spreading germs. It will also eliminate employees’ commutes and costs for public transportation, gas, and vehicle expenses.

Move Fast to Support Customers
To continue serving customers in a dynamic environment, remote agents allow for elastic scalability. Implementation of support staff, Slack channels for different departments to communicate, video coaching sessions, and proprietary digital training software that has allowed us to seamlessly tie the remote operations in sync with our in-office operations.

Ensure Service Reliability
Paramount to providing service in the event of a pandemic affecting your area is to ensure that customers are always able to reach the contact center.

Shift Work Across Locations
Flexibility to quickly and dynamically diversify the location of your customer service reps is another essential tool in handling fast-moving emergencies. This also allows for the ability to distribute contacts across multiple states to better accommodate customers around the clock. Business can continue as usual during outbreaks of illness or public safety concerns.

The possibilities are endless with full remote work staff. There is also a lot of innovation happening in the SaaS space, making the remote customer contact environment even more dynamic and seamless. Aventus is the leader and most sustainable source when choosing a contact center to trust with handling your customers’ needs.

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The online marketplace has opened up new ways to trade, technology gives customers new ways to shop and spend, and merchants need new ways to approach their consumers. It’s naive at best to think a cookie cutter approach to customer contact will work for eCommerce merchants. In short, you need to rethink how you engage your customers.

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You’re a small business with big dreams. Put your best foot forward when entering the marketplace with a team of professional assistants managing your calendar and keeping the pipeline of new customers open. Our team makes sure every call that comes in is answered in the most effective way to grow your business.


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Any health professional’s office has too much important work to do to be tethered to a phone line all day. Whether in dental, optometry, general practice, Aventus will provide a highly trained group of receptionists who will provide your patients and clients with a personalized, timely and empathetic experience.


From private insurance to corporate banking our team can adapt to the needs of your firm to ensure client queries are fielded timely and accurately.

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Keep your leads organized with a remote personal assistant. You’ll be able to better serve your existing client base knowing all your messages and memos will be neatly waiting for you when you’re back in the office.

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