December 16, 2022

Customer Experience Boutique Aventus Announces Founder & Chairman, Josh Royal, Will Return As CEO Effective January 2023.

Charleston, SC. December 16th 2022 - Aventus. An Industry-Leading CX Boutique is announcing that founder & chairman, Josh Royal, will be returning as the company’s CEO, effective January 1, 2023 to continue to lead the charge in amassing market share as a Boutique CX Solutions Provider in the DTC market segment. Current CEO, Kelly Stacey, has completed her goals to bring a robust company identity and culture into Aventus and as the company begins to enter the second phase of its life, the board thought the timing was perfect to reintroduce Josh as the person to lead this initiative. Josh had this to say about Kelly’s tenure at the company:

“Kelly joined us two years ago and really could not have come on at a better time for the company. When she came on - Aventus was faced with significant challenges in finding an identity and vision to disrupt the DTC landscape as a credible CX solution provider. She joined the company at a time when Aventus needed it the most. Her expertise paved the way for creating a company culture that has thrived and maintained a business model that has operational scalability. With Aventus entering into this second phase of strategic growth, the company is heading in the right direction to see tremendous growth in the e-commerce and direct to consumer segments of our business. We are planning on using this foundation to double down on our proprietary tech stack and expand our portfolio of service offerings to clients.”

Josh Royal founded Aventus in 2014 as the fourth in a series of entrepreneurial ventures into the digital space. He founded the company after realizing a major problem facing digital brands - their customer support was often nonexistent or completely inadequate to truly nurture and service a brands growth.

They’ve experienced tremendous annual growth since Kelly assumed the role of CEO in 2021. Largely by investing heavily in their team who has some of the brightest minds in customer service, expanding and revamping their operations, as well as landing some of the biggest DTC brands out there. The plans for 2023 are looking even brighter as Josh Royal has shared some insights on what their strategy for the upcoming year will entail:

“With exclusive partnerships at leading e-commerce events & tradeshows we are sending a strong message on who we are as a company and what we aim to accomplish in 2023 and beyond. We are expecting to achieve massive growth over the next 24 months. We plan on implementing significant investments in our tech stack and our service offerings to our clients. We are hiring more client managers and building out a robust business development team before the end of Q2.”

Aventus is a Boutique CX Firm based in Charleston that has over three decades of collective experience as a Customer Experience service partner. Aventus has established itself as a leader in providing exceptional customer care that is vital to how brands engage and evolve. They are customer obsessed and seize every opportunity to enrich and enhance any potential customer interaction point - whether known or unknown. They plan on kicking off a strong first quarter of 2023 by being featured as the exclusive strategic partner/headline sponsor for two industry leading trade shows, Geek Out , and Grow further cementing their position as a premier option for direct to consumer brands who are looking for next level customer support.