Audi Kowalski of Sling Ads, a seven figure US based e-commerce company, reached out to Aventus about handling overflow for their internal customer service operation. Kowalski had increased his marketing budget, but could not scale his internal customer service team fast enough to handle the increased call volume.

After an initial consultation and speaking to existing Aventus clients, Sling Ads decided to do a test and split their call volume between Aventus and their internal team. After a few weeks of testing, Aventus’s customer service expertise was apparent when Sling reviewed KPI’s such as Average Handle Time, Average Speed to Answer, and Abandon rate - all KPI’s easily viewable in Aventus’s proprietry ACE software. This resulted in much lower agent costs, refunds, and chargebacks to Sling Ads.

Eyes on the target
Royal founded Aventus in 2014 with a revolutionary vision: To deliver a quantifiable emotional connection with a customer. By embracing the power and accessibility of the sea of metrics at his disposal, Royal was able to deploy his team to unite the two seemingly antithetical notions of emotions and logic to revolutionize customer care.

After exhaustively checking each dollar and KPI, the decision was made by Kowalski to partner with Aventus to facilitate customer care full-time.

Aventus took approximately one month to fully understand, and absorb the entire volume of Sling Ads customer service volume. Aventus developed a comprehensive live agent training program, FAQ’s, scripting and acquisition/save strategy. Internally this is called the Aventouch™ program. Aventouch™ was completed within 24 hours of being offered the overflow from Sling Ads’ internal call center. This made the transition seamless when Sling Ads offloaded all customer care to Aventus.

Aventus was so successful initially is because agents for the campaign were selected based on past experience with similar products, and divided into priority groups. The groups were then split between inbound acquisition and inbound retention, and cross trained with techniques to enhance customer LTV through reorders, referral programs, and recurring revenue stream offers.

After six months of operating with a full service customer care BPO, Sling Ads saw a reduced customer service cost of 30% through cutting labor, software, and hardware costs, while achieving an increased lifetime value (so far) of 35% over prior efforts. Overall costs were absorbed by increases in acquisition via phone and generated a positive ROI to the client.

Thinking of building your own call center, or have you already built your own internal call center?

Establishing an internal call center is essentially starting a completely new company, and distracts you from your core business. It sounds simple though - just hire a few customer service agents. But there are hidden costs you should be aware of:

Additional Costs
These costs don’t include revenue lost from absenteeism, or costs for compliance monitoring and licencing, legal retainers, and repairs / upgraded office equipment. However, the largest cost of owning an internal customer service center is the time that management invests in building and maintaining it instead of focusing on growing their core business.

It’s best to partner with a reputable firm for your contact center needs; specifically one with intimate knowledge of the industry you’re looking to serve who can help you think outside the box with your approach to customer care.

Aventus strives to offer best in class customer care at an approachable price point for all businesses. By eliminating overhead and deploying our highly trained brand ambassadors to be the voice of your company, your business will derive all the benefits of an internal call center with a billing model that’ll free up capital for other business initiatives. Performance being equal, partnering with a full service BPO will reduce that expense by north of 30%.

With the annual savings shown above, your company can put a lot more focus on increasing customer acquisition, and an increase to your bottom line.

Outsourcing your customer care to a proven BPO can help your business save money, and give you peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your business. The additional expenses for hourly agents, salaried management and HR, recruiting, hardware, benefits, additional office space, as well as the technological integrations and licenses that are necessary to sustain a proper support team can be more than most businesses current operating expenses and they still won’t guarantee the best results. Trust your customers with a contact firm with a track record of proven excellence and save time and money.

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Aventus is more than a customer service provider. We are a firm of customer engagement and care specialist dedicated to creating customer relationships that are more personal, powerful, and productive. We start by creating great customer support and help companies grow with great service and proactive engagement.

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